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Nova Sancti Petri – A & B Courses

Save up to €23
High Season Green fee €79
Start 2023-03-01
Finish 2023-03-31
Low Season Green fee €51
Start 2023-04-01
Finish 2023-07-31

Golf Novo Sancti Petri, inaugurated in 1990, was the first golf course in Spain designed by the legendary Severiano Ballesteros. The resort offers two golf courses (round A: Mar-Pinos, round B: Centro) with a total of 36 hoyos whose challenging design adapts to the playing characteristics of professional players as well as of amateurs.

Round A:The Green of hole 6 is the most spectacular as it is situated upon the beach. Holes 10 to 18 are bordered by pine trees, without water hazards. If offers four Par 3, ten Par 4 and four Par 5.

Round B: The first 9 holes are flat. From hole 10 to 13 the terrain is undulating and offers magnificent looks over the atlantic ocean. Hole 18 has an s-shaped bunker (Severiano). If offers six Par 3, six Par 4 and six Par 5

Designer: D. Severiano Ballesteros
11130 Novo Sancti Petri, Cádiz
Tel: 956 494 005