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Son Gual Golf

Save up to €16
High Season Green fee €120
Start 2023-01-01
Finish 2023-01-08
Low Season Green fee €99
Start 2023-01-09
Finish 2023-01-16

Golf Son Gual’s 1st tee, perched at the highest point of the course, offers spectacular views.  Fifteen-minute starting intervals are set out to ensure there won’t be any waiting around on the tee, and this is just as well as there might be the occasional reload, with water playing a leading role on four of the first nine.

Most of the greens are cleverly angled to encourage good shot-making and there are generous, and beautifully manicured aprons, to allow the choice of a putt, rather than a forced one-dimensional succession of testing chips.

A round at Son Gual will challenge anyone and satisfy everyone. It is easy enough to walk, with the next tee never too far away. And, as befits most memorable rounds, the clubhouse offers the perfect place to unwind and reminisce about the last few hours.’

Designer: D. Thomas Himmel
Finca Son Gual Ma 15 – Palma – Manacor, Km 11,5 07199 Palma de Mallorca
Tel: 971 785 888