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Aguilon Golf

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Valid from October 1, 2021
to December 31, 2021

Aguilon Golf course is located near Pulpi, in Almeria. Aguilon Golf course design is incredibly spectacular and something far out of the ordinary with more than 100 bunkers, 6 big lakes and a number of natural ravines which all together makes playing the course an unforgettable experience.

With the Aguilon Mountains as a backdrop with unique golf holes that players of all levels are guaranteed to remember, Aguilon Golf Club is probably the hottest newcomer among Spanish courses.

Designed by Global Golf, involved with 18 other courses throughout Spain from Madrid down to Cadiz and across to the Canary Islands, this well-designed course that integrates perfectly into its natural environment.

‍950 109 518
Designer: Global Golf Company Stirling & Martin
Urb. Mundo Aguilón s/n. Pilar de Jaravia (Pulpi) 04648, Pulpi, Almería