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Islantilla Golf

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The Islantilla Golf Resort Hotel enjoys one of the best golf courses in Huelva with 27 holes surrounded by typical landscapes of Costa de la Luz and 3 golf circuits available of 9 holes each. Some of the most important golf tournaments of Andalusia are held on this course

inaugurated in 1992, the only one in the province of Huelva to hold one round of the European Tour, the Tour España Masters in 1995. Besides, in 2000 it was listed as one of the 100 best golf courts in Europe by the magazine Golf Digest.

The course was designed to offer different levels of difficulty: three 18-hole options for three different game experiences. The blue course is for players with a low handicap; the green one combine’s length and precision, perfect for players with a medium handicap; and the yellow one was designed for players with a high handicap.

‍959 486 039
Designer: D. Enrique Canales y D. Luis Recasens
Barranco del Moro s/n21410 – Isla Cristina – Huelva